Texas Pinoy Kitchen Leche Flan

This EASY CREAMY leche flan is a crème caramel traditionally served in parties, dessert, and holidays. This recipe is RICH, SMOOTH and EASY leche flan recipe everyone can make. This is a classic Filipino dessert made of egg yolks mixed with condensed milk and evaporated milk. This can be flavored with vanilla and lemon zest.


½ white sugar
8 egg yolks
1 can evaporated milk (12 fl oz/354 mL)
1 can condensed milk (14 oz/396 g)


1. In a saucepan, caramelized ½ cup of white sugar. Cook it over medium heat until the outside starts to melt. Continue stirring slowly until the sugar is smooth and turns into golden caramel. Transfer it to the ramekins or llaneras. Let it cool down.

2. In a separate bowl, combine egg yolks, condensed milk and evaporated milk.

3. Stir in one direction until well-combined.

4. For a rich and creamy consistency, strain the mixture using cheesecloth or a fine strainer to remove any stray egg whites.

Tip: Strain mixture 2- 3 times for smooth and creamy texture.

5. Pour the mixture into the ramekins or llaneras.

6. Cover each llaneras with aluminum foil.

7. Place all ramekins or llaneras in a baking pan with a water bath as it yields a rich smooth texture as it provides an even cooking temperature. This can be done in steam method as well. Just make sure to use low heat to provide even cooking.

8. Bake at 350°F for 45 minutes to 1 hour until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

9. Let it cool down in the fridge. To serve, turn it over on a plate with the golden caramel layer on top. This is served better chilled on a dessert or a midday snack. Enjoy!

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